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Author Topic: DPA d:VICE just announced  (Read 34780 times)

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Re: DPA d:VICE just announced
« Reply #300 on: January 02, 2019, 10:48:09 AM »
Voice Recorder 7 Pro was the program I first ran with the d:vice, it produced 96 kHz sized files with no info at all in the higher frequencies.  I have allowed the app to update but not experimented for over a year.  Just ran a  brief test again with it at 96 kHz setting and in iZotope Rx7 it is clear that there is NOTHING above 23-4 kHz, it flatlines in the spectral analysis window.  I am still using iOS 10 (afraid to break anything with an upgrade) so it is possible that VR 7 Pro plays nicer with the newer iOS versions, but I won't risk trying that as I can't go back to iOS 10 if something breaks.

I do not have Metarecorder, but when I questioned the DPA guys at the AES show in October about a 4 track version of the d:vice they recommended Metarecorder for syncing two MMA-As, since the power drain from a 4 channel d:vice would be more than an iPhone could handle.  I did not ask them about Metarecorder at 96 kHz.  It's on my list of things to maybe try, but I am currently busy learning Reaper so I can handle the 19 channel feed from my Zylia ZM-1, and this has maxed out my little brain for the moment.  I have a voice and piano session Friday that I am getting ready for (stereo shotgun on the singer/pianist, omnis on the Steinway, with the Zylia as backup).  I may play around with Metarecorder over the weekend, but we have three early instrument concerts to attend.  I could also throw in something about the day job, but I'm retired.


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Re: DPA d:VICE just announced
« Reply #301 on: January 02, 2019, 11:41:33 AM »
No worries. Yeah, life gets busier after retirement apparently. :)

Personally, I use Samplitude. I like it's audio engine and stock plugins, it borrows some concepts from Reaper like moving objects (events) around on the timeline, ripple editing etc. but it's not as open-ended.  Reaper is a techy tweaker's dream, with many many ways to do just about everything you can think of, but my brain can't cope with all that choice and possibility.

I came up using old versions of Cakewalk Sonar, so I'm accustomed to a well-defined and rather rigid workflow.


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