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Author Topic: DPA MMA6000_dremel-hpf-mod and Other Useful Blunders  (Read 765 times)

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DPA MMA6000_dremel-hpf-mod and Other Useful Blunders
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:43:36 PM »
Yeah,... some of you know the story; others don't.
I decided to cut off half of the switch length of both my power switch, and HPF switch after an unfortunate incident of bumping the power switch off in mid-song. Those suckers are way too long!
So, I took my Dremel, and cut off the power switch to about 5/8 of original length, to maybe a half. Bingo, much better.
So, I took to cutting off the end of the HPF switch, and, sparks flew, and end of switch goes flying off, and a spring shoots out across the room. Oh shit.
Turn preamp on, dead. Oh,... FiretrUCK!

So I open the hood, and, start probing around with a test lead after removing the dead switch.  I found that it was just a grounding issue, and that the preamp turned back on when the ground was reestablished, but, the inputs were dead still.
So, I probed around a bit more, and found that both mic inputs were to a common -signal lead. I also found a point to point wiring scheme that bypassed the now dead HPF circuit.

With the notion of the commonly tied -signal/ground lead, I decided to fill the now vacant HPF switch hole with a three wire TRS 1/8" 3.5mm female input.
My thought was that the preamp could be used with non-microdot mics that were terminated into the 3.5mm TRS scheme.
It made sense at the time.

Now, what, over 10 years later or more, my logic is in question in my own mind, as to whether this will work or not.

My point,...
I also have a pair of Senn MKE2002 Artifical Head Binaural omni pair that are 9v-powered.
The mic caps both have two wires leading to them, a +signal, and -signal, is my assumption.  They are joined in the circuit box/battery pack, and, are output to a three wire unbalanced lead.
That circuit board has copper trace cancer. And I think it also contributes to a fixed bass rolloff spec (but not sure).
I'd like to take the Senn battery pack out of the line, and, if the MMA6000 is rigged correctly, I'd like to use it as an input/powering device with that preamp.

To do this, I'd like to leave the Senn batt pack as an option that can be reconnected to the mics, or, have them interchangeable with the MMA6k, or, another DPA batt pack that I have.

So, somebody please help unclutter my mind, please,.... right now, this is just not making sense.

Can a pair of mic caps that each have two wires leading to and from them (2 caps - 4 wires) be made to run on a three wire harness? meaning 2ea._+signal and 1ea_-signal/ground.
Or will I have to go with a 3.5mm TRSS input (four conductor 3.5 mm input if such exists)

please and thanks

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