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Microphones for silent events (similar to Church CA 11) in Europe

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I am looking for an alternative CA-11 Model but without LowSense Mod fir quiet shows like theatre.
Is there any conparabale mic, buyable in Europe?
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DPAs are available in Europe, right?  If so the 4060 might fit the bill.  If you have more of a CA11 budget, though, DPAs are probably not in the running.

These mics are widely available in Europe. Should be suitable for quiet up to loud, but not too loud, shows.

kuba e:
You can try primo caps for ambient recordings. They are very quite, but they are limited around 14kHz. Look at datasheet, there is frequency chart.

Maybe those ones, handmade in Norway?

--- Quote ---Specs:
Characteristics: Omni
Sensitivity: -28dB ± 3dB at 1kHz (38mV/Pa) at 5V
Impedance: 2.4kOhm
Max Input Level: 122dB S.P.L. Typ
Signal to Noise Ratio: >78dB
Self Noise: <15dB
Operating Voltage 2-10V (5V ideal)
--- End quote ---



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