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Author Topic: Help! Looking for EDIROL R4 PRO schematics or service manual... anyone have it?  (Read 1668 times)

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Hi guys!

I just got a used EDIROL R4 PRO recorder for less than 50 Euros. Everything works except headphone out, analogue line out, and XLR inputs. AES works flawlessly and so does Timecode. The recorder only works with internal microphones (records to hard drive but no output)

I figure it's a preamp problem, since the AD converter works (not sure about the D/A though - no way to test it)

So I'm hoping to fix it, and use it as a backup recorder.

I can't find any schematics though! Since it's such an old recorder, Roland won't support it. I'm hoping you guys can help? I managed to find schematics for a tascam DR680 MKi at some point from someone at Tascam, so I still have that somewhere, but Roland isn't so forthcoming with these kind of things...

Thank you!
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id almost bet that if you contacted Doug Oade and asked him for it, he would be willing to help you out with a copy. surely if anyone has it, it would be him.


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