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Author Topic: Am I jumping in too quickly/seeking general input for first set of mics  (Read 2164 times)

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I don't know if I have ever seen a thread here started where someone regretted buying good microphones. You can pretty much always resell them for a comparable price. Amortize the mics over 10 years. You'll never see them as a good value if you look at them as a short term asset.

My MK4's are over 25 years old, have been used over 1,000 shows and could be sold for a good percentage of purchase price.  That said it is not an investment I would suggest for a first pair of mics.  most people don't learn to drive with a beamer or Benz but upgrade once they know how to drive.
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I started taping because, like you, many shows that I went to were not being recorded. Started with a Sony miniature stereo mic and an MD. It was good enough. Then I got some Studio Projects C4s and a UA5 then onward and upward from there.

Get the Avantones and run them into the built in preamps on the DR60. You will be perfectly happy with the quality and it will be a good sounding rig for a beginner. You still have a good bit of expense for other stuff you will need - stand, cables, batteries, mounts - the list goes on. When I first started I bought a large part of my accessories as a package deal used from someone who was getting out and saved a good bit of money.

Getting a rig like this will give you a chance to experiment with placement and mic configs and dial in the type of sound you are looking for. With interchangeable capsules you can try different stuff in different rooms to find out what you like.

I got the upgrade bug early on - I've always liked trying new things - and went through several brands of mics. I ended up liking three brands that would be considered low to mid priced the most and ran them for years - Peluso, AKG and ADK TLs.

Nowadays I like my modular active systems but it took me roughly 13 years of recording (and running full bodied mic setups) to finally pull the trigger on a pair of Schoeps MK41s (which I could only afford because I bought everything used - picked up a package deal and sold off what I didn't need)  and I really like my MBHO subcardioid capsules for just about everything else.
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I’m going with the Avantones!

My dream mics right now are Milab VM44s. Sorry Team Schoeps ;)
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My dream mics right now are Milab VM44s. Sorry Team Schoeps ;)

I've listened to several recordings with the VM44 Links are they sound very very nice.  Good choice!
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I’m going with the Avantones!

My dream mics right now are Milab VM44s. Sorry Team Schoeps ;)

Good choice on the Avantones.

And as a once and future owner of VM-44s, I can say they are my favorite mic.
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I’m going with the Avantones!

My dream mics right now are Milab VM44s. Sorry Team Schoeps ;)

Great choice on the Milab's young Jedi!

But, remember that the Dark Side is strong.  I promise not to be a good influence here.

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I swore I’d never turn to the dark side from DPA. Better and more durable active cabling options sucked me in. Also I can tape near a wall now if need be.  Congrats on your mics you're gonna love this hobby! 👍
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