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Author Topic: DIY windblockers  (Read 840 times)

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DIY windblockers
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:32:42 PM »
I have done a couple of amphitheatre lawn shows recently where wind is calm during the opening act, but later in the day/evening during the headliner, some wind gusts start happening. I use Sound Professionals/Audio Technica - SP-CMC-8 and always carry the windscreens that came with them, but frankly, they suck and some of my recent shows just have too much wind noise. I am looking for suggestions for a better set of windscreens or some sort of DIY alteration that can be made to a hat that could be used quickly should the conditions change mid show (I have found myself sitting under air conditioners that cause the same havoc). You can PM me, lest stealth techniques be discussed here. Any help welcome. thanks.

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Re: DIY windblockers
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 02:28:31 PM »
I use nylon stockings and they work great. They are similar to many pop filters. I use the small ankle height ones that can be found at shoe stores for trying on shoes when you didn't wear socks. I have AT 4040's in shock mounts, the nylon stretches out and goes over the mount so it doesn't touch the mic much, I used to use the ones sold for the mics, but they let wind in and cut out some frequencies more than others. The nylons are free at most stores so that helps too. Give them a try, you will be amazed.

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