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Author Topic: Maximum “acceptable” vertical spacing for near coincident configurations  (Read 2173 times)

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Thank you DSatz. I’ve read through this twice now and I will probably need to read it a few more times to fully internalize it.

This raises another question that I was thinking about at the last few shows I was at where I was taping around 10 ft L or R of center. Should I angle my stand so that a line straight from the midpoint of the PA stacks to my rig would be perpendicular with the midpoint of the imaginary line between the “zeniths” of the capsule pickup patterns?

Applying my rudimentary knowledge of SZ theory, I’d imagine this would cause some differences in stretching/squishing of the stereo image on either side of said line from PA stacks midpoint. On the other hand, this might be happening anyway as I am closer to one of the stacks. Currently soundstage seems shifted maybe 10 degrees to the side of center that I was taping from. Could I address this by slightly increasing the levels of the side furthest away or would I be best suited by panning towards the “non-favored” side? Alternatively is this a totally imagined effect resulting from my foreknowledge of my taping location? That last one may be tricky to address. Is there any quantitative way to assess this possibility?

Also my acquisition of a thread extender now allows me to have a separation of only ~2” instead of ~8”
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This thread may have some useful information for you:
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