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Author Topic: Microphone Repair? - TRS 1/4 tip solder - how to re attach - SHURE 580SA  (Read 1507 times)

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I just pulled this from a garage sale and identified the problem.  old solder....

 just wondering how to re attach correctly.

What wire goes where?  Anyone have experience with a mic like this?

Also, what is that tiny black wire? seems to be cut short.

The microphone works when I touch a few wires together.  But wondering what the T section thinks.

Check the pics and thanks for the help
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just stripped it.

I am confused because there are three wires and I thought there would be two.

Do I twist two together?

Which does to the t  and which to the S

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I would say from this diagram that black gets tied to the case as ground, & white AND CABLE SHIELD is signal for the high-impedance SA model.

So yeah, tie white to cable shield and run black to the mic case and see if that's right?

The SB is different.
hey now!


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