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Author Topic: Sennheiser e614  (Read 81 times)

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Sennheiser e614
« on: February 04, 2019, 11:07:57 AM »
For a while I didn't have much interest in getting a pair of hypercards/supercards, as I wasn't enamored with the sound of most I'd heard in PA concert taping situations.  Often they seemed to have a specific sound that just didn't sit right with me.  Recently, though, I got more and more interested in them, not as a way to try to cut out crowd noise but as a way to achieve greater separation between channels.  As I listened to more and more recordings to try to find some that I liked, the Gefell M21 really stood out.  Being unsure of whether I'd ultimately want to use hypers much, though, I decided to look for something cheaper.

Eventually I came across the Sennheiser e614.  I immediately liked the compact size of it, and the impressive polar pattern:  Through most of the frequency range (other than 16k Hz, obviously), they are pretty damn consistent.  The frequency response looks pretty good, too.  Obviously because they're supercards they're going to roll off more on the low end, but I'm not entirely opposed to that because I increasingly find I want to roll off the bass in post anyway.

I found a couple of these for pretty cheap and pulled the trigger.  This weekend I ran them for the first time.  I haven't listened to all the recordings yet, but so far I'm pretty impressed with these mics.  For less than half the price of one Gefell M21 cap, these seem to sound pretty good.  If anyone is in the market for budget hypers/supers, I'd recommend giving these a look.
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