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Author Topic: Roland r-07 and Nak 300 mics issues??? or something else  (Read 1754 times)

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Roland r-07 and Nak 300 mics issues??? or something else
« on: July 11, 2019, 02:58:23 PM »
Recently recieved a NOB Roland R-07. Though I would try it out at a show using a friends mics (audioreality).
I was using the original 7-8 gb micro card that came with the Roland. I formatted it and praticed recording on it.

1st show I recorded the Roland turned off after 45 mins. I started it back up and it recorded for another 30 mins before turning off by itself. I had it in a shirt pocket so maybe it was me maybe not.

A friend told me to try a larger size micro card so I bought a 32 gb. Formatted it and practiced recording on it at home for lengthy periods of time. I also purchased a set of nakamichi 300 mics and bought a new cable for them. The battery situation was accomplished by getting dog collar batteries and putting a slieve around them. I was running approx 12 volts in each mic (volt meter) though the Nak recommends 9 volts. Everything I read told me I could use 12 volts but don't exceed 14 Volts. From here on I am using the 300's. (They are losing approx .1 to .15 volts per recording so I am happy.)

2nd show I recorded went well no issues. Sounds great. Almost 2 ½ hours long.

3rd show I recorded the Roland turned off after about 50 mins. It was lying on a shelf with no interaction by me.

A friend told me to use the HOLD button once in the record mode as this prevent the Roland from turning off. Again I practiced with it, no brainer.

I went to 3 shows without issues using the hold feature. Length of times for each one were 100 mins, 2 hrs, 45 mins.

I went to another 2 hr show. This time everything went well however I noticed the Roland was very very hot as I was leaving the event, and it suddenly turned itself off (even though I used the HOLD feature). Once home I realized I could not play the last wav file was it was missing its closing markers. I managed to fix this problem with Audacity and recovered file and the entire show.

So now my friends are asking me if the Nak 300's are the issue. Has anyone run across these problems before? Is it the Roland??

any insite and help would be appreciated


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