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Author Topic: Comparison of Core Sound PDA recorder and Fostex and Marantz recorders  (Read 1559 times)

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Len posted this comparison page on his website:

A lot of people talk shit about Len and Core Sound.  I don't want to fluff the PDAudio system too much, but it is worth investigating if you are loooking for a hard disk recorder.

It is fantastic for stealth recording because it is very small.
It works flawlessly for recording at 16/48 onto a microdrive (up to 4 gig).
It works flawlessly for recording at 24/96 onto an SD card (up to 2 gig) or CF card (up to 8 gig).  However, these cards are very expensive and 8 gig is not a lot of storage at 24/96.
You can attach an external hard drive (any size you want) and record 24/96.  This is less stealthy, but is fine for open recording.
The Live 2496 software is very reliable and is updated regularly.  The guy who write it, Gordon Gidluck, will answer your questions and help you work out any bugs.  Gordon is working on an upgrade to allow real-time monitoring.

Definitely take waht Len writes on his website with a grain of salt.  First, it is not a practical stealth 24/96 recorder unless you can afford the 8 Gig CF card ($$$$).  Second, once you purchase PDA, cables, storage, external power supplies, etc. it is more expensive than advertised.

If you already own a pre-amp and analog-to-digital converter and are looking for a digital HD recorder, then consider this option.
Open: Studio Projects C-1s-> Mic2496 -> PDAudio-CF (IPAQ 5555) -> Addonics Pocket EX
Stealth: AT 831 -> Mic2496 -> PDAudio-CF (IPAQ 5555) -> IBM Microdrive


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