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Author Topic: Tascam CDRW700 Vs. CDRW750?? Part 2  (Read 1531 times)

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Tascam CDRW700 Vs. CDRW750?? Part 2
« on: November 16, 2004, 05:40:29 PM »
Ok here is the low down, I have a CDRW700 burner It acted up after 2+ years of great service, It's in the shop getting repaired.  Meanwhile I wanted to transfer DATs of shows I taped but was burnerless, so I rented a CDRW750, new model.  I transfered my 11/5/04 moe show and my master sounds fine no gaps.  Yet when I put my master disc copy into my Microboards QD2 duplicator it creates a disc that is all fucked up with gaps and errors and will not play.  I tossed in another disc that wasn't from the rented CDRW750 and it duplicated A OK.  What is wrong?  AM I jinxed? Was the 750 f-ed up, Have I been sending discs out to other traders all flawed and not ralized it?  Because I bitch like a 2 year old girl with a scuffed knee when I get f-ed up discs, did I just do this to a ton of people too?  Wills world is in chaos, Will's gettin upset!
Thanks for your help & listening.

Sorry for the double post guys & gals. :-\
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