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Author Topic: Nak CM-300's and Eveready 206 9V Electric General Purpose (C-Z) Battery -  (Read 5127 times)

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I had this problem when I ran 300's as well.  Thoses everready's were tight.  It was a problem because I never left the batteries in the mics, would always take them out when I was done taping the show.  I ended up putting a *very* tiny amount of graphite on them, and I mean *tiny* amount.  They would come right out when i smacked it into my hand after that.
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I'm having fit issues w/ the Eveready 9v's that I just ordered in December also. I popped them in, now I cant get them out. I've gotta figure something out soon. I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else also... guess I know now.
Any ideas of how to get them out safely now that they are already "stuck" in there?

I just ordered and got 2 new eveready 209 batteries.  One slide in and out nice, the other sticks. It's definitely the one battery doing it because swapping  mics the problem follows the battery.
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You can file down the seam of the will be tight but should work...
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