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Author Topic: Please help -- External Laptop Power  (Read 1057 times)

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Please help -- External Laptop Power
« on: August 16, 2005, 11:05:46 PM »
Ok, so I just got my hands on a Compaq Presario laptop which uses a power connector tip like this:

The output of the AC adapter (ie. input into the DC jack on the laptop) is here:

I would like to be able to run an external battery (either a valence or a battery) but as far as I can tell they don't offer this connector.

I was thinking maybe it would be possible to rig something up so that I cut my AC adapter cable between the adapter box and the laptop and wire up two XLR 4pin connectors (one male to one female) so that the cable can be disconnected and attached to an external battery with another 4pin connector.. and then when the AC adapter is needed, just connect the 4pins back.

Given the connector I've got here (there's a pin diagram for it also on the adapter pic) is this even possible?? Leegeddy? Anybody?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Please help -- External Laptop Power
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2005, 01:49:52 AM »

it just looks like a fancy dc plug. as long as you have the pinouts for it, connecting one shouldn't be too difficult.

reply pm sent.

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