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Author Topic: Edirol r4 users -- what do you make of this?  (Read 1375 times)

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Edirol r4 users -- what do you make of this?
« on: November 03, 2005, 08:01:44 PM »
check out the attachment.  it's a very short snippet of a set i rolled recently.

another 'HDD SLOW' vibration error?  it would be the first i've had with the r4 since mid july.  and i don't think that's likely outdoors, during the shins.

and if you listen to the attachment, instead of just a simple dropout, it actually sounds like there's a tiny snippet of another recording just prior the the dropout.  human voice without music, saying a very familiar word.

i format the HD before every recording session.  in the case of this set, i think it was the third set of vegoose on day 1. 

i hadn't done a HDD check in a while.

this is stereo pair #1.  stereo pair #2 didn't make it -- halfway during the copy of the first 2gb file, i got a cyclic redundancy error and the copy quit.  i tried recopying, again it failed.  tried a HDD check -- everything passed.  recopied, and again i got a cyclic redundancy check failure.

i eventually ran out of time and had to format the disk for another day's work.  formatted without issue, ran hdd check twice just to confirm all was well.

i have no similar issues from sunday vegoose or the monday epic ween set, nor have i ever seen/heard this phenomenon before.

please discuss?

very odd.


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