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Author Topic: Comp. upload help...  (Read 1231 times)

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Comp. upload help...
« on: November 22, 2005, 10:06:02 AM »
     I have finally finished a fairly comprehensive test and I need someone who can possibly upload the data. I can send out the data DVDs, but I have no way to upload. If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. BTW, it is all in 24bit/96kHz and all info should be on 2 DVD data discs...

1. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > M148 > V3 (AES/EBU) > SD722
    V3 at 25dB of gain

2. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > M148 > SD722
    SD722 line input wide open

3. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > V3 (analog) > SD722
    V3 at 42dB of gain/SD722 input at 0 (all the way down)

4. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > V3 (AES/EBU @24/96) > SD722
    V3 at 42dB of gain

5. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > SD722 (48v phantom on)
    SD722 at 38dB of gain

6. MK21/41 (NOS, DIN, DIN-A) > KC-5 > CMC6XT > V3 (analog) > SD722
    V3 at 20dB of gain/SD722 input maxed out (all the way up)

     Test was done from the same mic stand at the same height from the listening position of my home system (Onkyo DV-SP800 > Audio Symphonies pre > Adcom GFA-5500 > Magnepan MMG plus the Pinnacle Baby Boomer PLUS sub). Volume on the preamp was kept the same throughout the test and preamp was warmed up for 45min. before starting test. Same song was used throughout the entire test. Cables used in the recording rig were the Ramsden's Segue Enterprise cables, and cables used in system were Canare star-quad throught the system and Canare 4S-11 speaker cables. AES/EBU cable was a Monster Cable Pro-M1. Levels were kept as even as possible. MK21 and MK41 were run in all three different configs.

     I have finished the Schoeps tests, and I may try the same with the MG210s before I break everything down, and the schoeps MK21 > CMC6XT to see if there is a difference in running the active cables or not. If intesrested, let me know. I am hoping this test will be helpful to some looking for comparisons for different gear running in front of the SD722, difference between some mics (wide-cards and hypers [no cardoids since I don't own any]), and some mic. configs (no ORTF bar, so not included).

     If anyone can help with the upload, please let me know...

Brad K.
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