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Author Topic: 24 bit>>16 bit??  (Read 2982 times)

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Re: 24 bit>>16 bit??
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2006, 10:00:43 PM »
but I'm confused about how to use it in SF and the EXACT workflow. I'm not talking guessing here, I want to know for sure. I mean what is actually happening when you just save to 16-bit? I was thinking you'd still go to PROCESS > BIT DEPTH, and choose to reduce from 24 to 16, but without any of the algorithms selected?

I can't confirm from experience one way or the other with SF.  But FWIW, Audition/CEP works like this:

    [1]  Open 24-bit file in a 32-bit "workspace"
    [2]  Dither w/ Waves (or other plugin) to 16-bit, leaving 16-bit audio within the 32-bit workspace
    [3]  Convert the 32-bit workspace to a 16-bit workspace -without- dithering (i.e., truncate the least significant bits)
    [4]  Save As a 16-bit file

Perhaps SF operates in similar fashion (substituting the Process > Bit Depth w/ no dither for Audition/CEP's "convert bit depth w/ no dither" function).  Try this:

  • Open an existing 16-bit file (A)
  • Save it as a 24-bit file (B)*
  • Run SF's Process > Dither function with no dither/algos on the 24-bit file (B)
  • Save the results as a 16-bit file (C)
  • Compare files (A) and (C)

If files (A) and (C) do match, then we know two things:

  •   saving a 16-bit file as 24-bit simply pads the least significant bits with zeroes (which is good), and
  •   the Process > Dither function simply truncates the least significant bits in dropping the data down to 16-bit.

Which means your workflow should be:

    [1]  Open 24-bit file
    [2]  Dither w/ Waves to 16-bit
    [3]  Process > Bit Depth (no dither/algos) to 16-bit
    [4]  Save As 16-bit file

One of the few things I prefer in Wavelab to Audition/CEP:  the render / Save As feature performs automatically the "convert to 16-bit" step [3] I have to do manually in Audition/CEP.
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