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Author Topic: A VERY good reference/learning CD for Pipe Organ recording~!  (Read 873 times)

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I just scored one off ebay for 2.50, but it is only 5 bucks anyway...John Eargle is one of the masters of  classical recording, and has written many very popular books on the subject(sound recording, handbook of recording engineering, the microphone book, electroacoustical reference book, loudspeaker book...) anyway, on the cd he explains why he chose the techniques he did for the various pipe organs and locales. I ate it stuff like this!

Recording engineer and sometime organist John Eargle selects examples from several Delos recordings of organ, mostly recorded by Eargle himself, who provides brief notes about recording technique on each selection, how that technique was chosen based on repertoire, room acoustic, and the organ, and he also writes a short but very helpful glossary of organ terms such as “imitative flue stop” and an explanation of stop pitches such as 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, etc.


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