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Author Topic: Echo Audiofire12 as portable 24 track DAW interface  (Read 908 times)

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Echo Audiofire12 as portable 24 track DAW interface
« on: August 07, 2006, 04:49:03 AM »
Manufacturers website -

Review from Musician's Friend -

Here's what I think sounds very cool about this unit:

- 12 tracks of 24bit/192kHz streaming to your pc/mac via firewire, 24 tracks simultaneous recording with two unit daisy chained
- word clock support
- clean and simple input arrangement on rear
- front panel signal monitor and computer monitoring sync
- supposedly very low lag
- single rack unit mounting for easy portability
- new price of around $550 from online retailers, used on ebay for $400 or less

Here's the downside to the unit:

- no pre's built in so you need a front end for your lines
- level control must be done via computer
- compatability with other recording software is not completely specified

I've been trying to find a kick ass portable multitracking rig that has everything I could desire and this unit really jumped out at me.  I've been wanting the Mackie Onyx 1640 for a quite a while now, but I think the Audiofire12 is a better solution for me.  The advantages are clear, 24 streaming tracks and 192kHz sampling; but the lack of pre's (the sweet Onyx pres even) force you to purchase a couple of pre strips to act as a front end.  The other advantage over a firewire mixer in my eyes is the rack mountability.  You can throw a pair of these things in a small wheeled rack cart along with a power conditioner, pre-amps, aural exciter or other signal enhancers and set your laptop on top of the rack for a very small footprint of your entire rig.  I think that for the price of the Onyx 1640 I'm going to be able to set up a respectable 24 track system with enough pres to get me by.

Just my .02 but if anyone has hands on experience or better info chime in.

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