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Author Topic: 24 Bit Mac Computer/DVD-A Headphone Listening  (Read 739 times)

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24 Bit Mac Computer/DVD-A Headphone Listening
« on: September 08, 2006, 03:57:20 PM »
Hey Friends!

In my small home office where i have my computer
and where i do all my audio editing and most of my listening
(its too small to have decent speakers) i am hoping to set up
a nice headphone system for both computer and DVD-A player (Pioneer DV-45)
I have a G5 Imac that i have connected to an edirol ua-20(usb interface) this outputs
24/44.1 over usb and has a toslink digital output. Also has a headphone jack that i use.
I have Senn 580's,Senn 650's and Senn HD 280's
I have an older Yamaha receiver that is decent but downsamples everything to 16/48.

My problem is that i have to use Senn HD 280's with the usb interface to listen
on the computer, and use the better headphones with the Yamaha that doesn't do 24 bit
and they sound like they could use the benefit of a headphone amp.

My questions are:

Can i use a Benchmark DAC1 or a Grace 901/902 to connect my DVD-A player and my
computer both so i can use the better headphones all the time and also get the benefits
of a headphone amp? Since almost all of my DVD-A's are live shows recorded by tapers
on DVD-R's, the Pioneer DV-45 will output via digital the full resolution 24 bit?

If i play a 24 bit wave file on my computer, will i hear the 24/44.1 output via usb>ua20>toslink>dac1/901/902?

Are there any other solutions? My budget is 1000-1500, but will spend less if i can get the right sound.

Tired of being stuck in 16 bitville.




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