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Author Topic: Headphone monitoring of M/S in XY without affecting signal out...  (Read 815 times)

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I'm new to taping but have searched alot researching this question. So far, I've been able to put together several nice M/S mic pairs to work with, (MKH30/MKH40, AKG480/CK1/CK4, Shure VP-88) but have yet to choose a recorder.  I would of course love to spring for an SD 7-Series which would solve the headphone monitoring question, but for something a little less pricey, like a Fostex FR2-LE, how would one go about monitoring while still at the venue the unmodified M/S signal in XY on headphones for levels, and for ideas on how I'd want to mix it down in post?  I have an earlier Schoeps VMS 52 UB matrix box with no phone jack, but would much prefer not to carry a gaggle of wires, boxes and batteries.  The later Schoeps VMS 5 U has the jack, but at $ 2K is close to the price of an SD 722.  Has anyone modded their mid-range one-box CF recorder to allow the headphone jack to switch between XY and M/S ... maybe even with a stereo spread pot?  Is there any hope that manufacturers of low to mid-range recorders will understand that there are more than a few M/S fans out here? Thanks for any replies...


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