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Author Topic: If you had to truncate bits - would you prefer to truncate the board or aud?  (Read 1021 times)

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Looks like the dbx386 will be out of commission for the weekend...

So I have to break out the old Yamaha AD2K - this is an older, rack mount 20 bit A/D

I've been running two JB3s lately (four 16 bit tracks) using SPDIF to sync (so there is no drift in post) - I can produce one 16 bit source - but will have to truncate the other...

The Yamaha - despite being 20 bit - has a RCA/SPDIF out labeled "DAT/MD"

I am familiar with the truncation issue - so no need to rehash that...

I sort of feel I should truncate the Soundboard source - I would think the truncation artifacts would be less apparent in a tight, discrete source...vs a diffuse AUD source...

Also - will truncation screw up my clocks? Will my sources still be syncable? (instinct says yes)

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I'd say truncate which ever source you plan on being lower in the mix. If it's going to be a 50/50 sort of mix then it's hard to say.

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The typical audience noise in a show runs about 40db to 30db, allowing for less than 16 bits of headroom, if that helps.
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