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Author Topic: Sony 7-Pin Interface  (Read 29368 times)

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Sony 7-Pin Interface
« on: October 07, 2002, 10:50:59 AM »
  Msg#: 1               Pvt                          Date: 08 Jun 96  10:59:00
  From: Victor Yiu                                  
  Subj: 7pin cable

You can practically build one yourself, although you may prefer to consider
Len's 7-pin cables for much better construction.

Most of this information is through Heiko's 7-pin page and my experimentation.
Try this at your own risk; I'm not responsible for anything that happens.

| o  o  o  o  /            Build your own interface for:
| o  o  o   /       Sony Proprietary 7-pin connectors on D7/D8's
  5  6  7

It's my understanding that the D7/D8's output the signal 0-5v, not the
standard +-.5v for the standard S/PDIF.  It expects 0-5v in, but will work
with +-.5v in my testing.  BE CAREFUL when connecting the D7/D8's outputs
to a deck's input without verification.  Len's page lists a few decks that
allow 0-5v.

To connect 2 D7's together:
Connect pin 6 (ground) together on both decks.  On recording deck, connect
pins 3 and 6 (enable digital in).  Connect pin 5 (recording deck) to pin
1 (playback deck).

Using the D7 for digital out:
Get an RCA plug for coax out.  Connect pin 6 (ground) to the surround of
the RCA plug.  Connect pin 1 (dig. out) to the center of the RCA plug.
Note that the output is NOT standard voltages.

Using the D7 for digital in (recording):
Connect the pins 3 and 6 together (enable digital in).  Connect pin 6 (ground)
to the outside surround of the RCA plug.  Connect pin 5 (dig. in) to the center
of the RCA plug.  Although the D7 expects its 0-5v, it worked for me under
+-.5v (standard coax).

Enjoy, and please report back on the results.  Again, I am not responsible,
use at your own risk.



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