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Author Topic: Mics to replace SP-CMC-25 cards  (Read 3572 times)

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Mics to replace SP-CMC-25 cards
« on: March 27, 2024, 11:37:16 PM »
Been using these for about 8 years and love them ...apart from the fact that they are SO sensitive to ANY sort of contact, the only way I could use them was to embed them into some plastic cones , cut out slits on the side to accommodate the side openings and hang them under my shirt collar ,not ideal, but it hasn't seem to interfere with pickup. I run them through the SP 12 volt battery box and they have given me great service, paired with a Sony M10 , considering the amount spent , I think they are a very good combo. My recordings are on dime under GGB if anyone wants to check them out, added there by vierstein91.

However , just recently one of the mics is acting up and it looks like the mini plug is the issue, it appears one of the cables is broken as I'm getting a hum and occasional crackles in one channel. No doubt I could take it apart and replace the plug, but I thought this might be the time to explore another mic option.

 I live in Australia and given the crappy state of our currency any purchase I make in the states is going to push the overall cost plus postage to be almost double , so I'm looking for mics that would cost about $300-350 US, which is pretty restrictive . Sending mics back if they don't prove suitable isn't an option due to very high postage , so I need to get whatever I buy right first time.

 I do not really want the same situation I was faced with the current cmc 25s, so has anyone got any recommendations as to cardiods to replace my current mics ?   


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