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Title: How to make AES>7pin
Post by: Swanny on October 16, 2003, 09:32:25 PM
I use it for my D8 (use prosumer out on V3, the other will give you a copy prohibit warning)

Ok here's what you need:

1-rt-angle female XLR
1-junk 7-pin head (mine used to be an optical, someone sent me when I asked on Oade board a while back, any will work)
1-meter Canare 110ohm cable
1-female RCA end on cable (I had a couple on a cable I had here)
shrink wrap, solder, & small soldering iron
Patience, take your time & do it right...

first connect the RCA to the stripped ends of the Canare cable Shield to ground (white) Center to red, solder & shrinkwrap, leaving enough wire exposed to connect to the pins on the 7-pin

open 7 pin, hack out whatever you have to to see the pin heads, you will also have to widen the cable opening a bit on the 7-pin with an exacto knife to make it close(you want the insulation on the canare cable to end just outside the 7-pin).

l  o   o  o   o   /
l  o   o  o    /

1. connect pins 3 & 6 (enable digital in)
2. connect the ground (I used the white shielded wire) to either the piece you used to bridge these pins, or pin 6
3. connect orange shielded wire to pin 5
4. put the top back on 7pin
tip: tin the ends of the wire first, then bend 90 degrees with needle nose

For the XLR end:
1. connect pin 2 to the orange
2. connect pin 3 to the white (ground)
leave pin 1 shield unused

Test it out, then when you know it works open the 7 pin and fill with silicone.