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Nakamichi MX-100_Power_Schematic


Nakamichi MX-100_Power_Schematic

Link to purchase  mini din connectors

other parts for battery box can be obtained at radio shack   

Is that schematic right? I believe the batteries hooked that way are 18 volts. not saying it won't work but I do not believe its 9 volts. postive to postive/negative to negative=9volts

This works for me...I had downloaded this from   a few years back.  I  get at least 4 hours  per show

ziko, the batteries are connected in series, but notice that the "center point" between them is connected to the ground pin of the connector. This means that they will actually supply -9 Volts and +9 Volts respectively to the preamp, which is close enough for rock 'n' roll in this case.

Its right, I drew up that sketch ages ago and posted it someplace on the webs. I got it from some other Nak guru at the time. Worked for me and was very reliable. Funny to come see this dwg come full circle. I have been semi retired for about 6yrs now from the taping scene but have been considering getting back into it in 23'.


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