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How to: UA5 digi mod

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Brian Skalinder:
Stock Edirol UA5s cannot output standlone digital signals via coax/optical - these outputs are active only if a PC is connected to the UA5 via USB.

A simple modification enables standalone digital output via coax/optical without the need for a PC to be connected via USB.

Thanks to David Klein for the write-up!

Alternatively, the Oade Bros and Busman Audio offer this mod as an option on UA5s they sell.  They also preamp mods, too.  Check their websites for more info.

Nick's Picks:
I also posted this DIY on my site
along w/the DIY VU meters for the UA-5...which, btw I have working quite well now.

You got any more pics of the VU meters?  Did you ever get it into the project box?

Digital Chips used in UA5

From the man himself.

           Hi !
I get asked this a lot, so here is some useful info on the UA5's digital circuits.
The USB controller is the TUSB3200, the digital I/O chip is the Crystal CS8420, this one does I/O and SRC as well as SCMS. I have not tried this, but the 8420s spec sheet indicates it ignores SCMS if the Pro bit is set, if you have tried it, let us know. It also supports digital I/O without SRC. The power ICs are BP5220 for + 5v , NJM2360 for -5v and NJM2374AM for +48 volts (10 ma max).
I hope this helps...Doug


Robby Grossman:
Just wanted to say that you have to REEEEAAAALLLY hack at the wire to break the continuity after R8.  I wound up just taking off that reisistor, which naturally breaks the circuit and works well.  Just thought I'd pass it along in case anyone else runs into trouble cutting the board.


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