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DIY dual 6v "ecocharge"


Recently switched almost all my power cables over to 4-pin then at some point, I decided to put an end to loose SLA's in my bag.  ::)

*note broke the wiring rules a little for these 6v's, but I wanted to standardize all my 4-pin cabling... used 12v wiring standard pin 1(-) pin 4(+) just incase I needed 12v at some point and run these in series.*

ANYWAY...was bored the other day and had some misc parts so I built this. I suppose you could use one 4-pin panel mount and run the SLA's in parallel for a higher capacity, but decided against that.

I will probably grab a smaller black enclosure some time and re-do it but for the time being, I used what I had on hand. Probably around $40 for the batt and parts new.



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