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Title: Startech.com ICUSBAUDIO7D external SPDIF audio Windows 10 drivers wont work
Post by: emalvido on August 01, 2020, 07:13:21 PM
So, got this new DELL  G3 3579 laptop, running windows 10 home
I plug the external soundcard via USB, ui detects, installs, recognized but.....SPDIF wont work, neither sound comes off from the headpones
When I try to update drivers, tells me that windows choosed the best driver, it wont work
Second method,  tried installing the drivers manually tells me they are not compatible with x64 wich runs the dell
Downloaded the exe program from the manufacture, it has there drivers for x32 x64, including windows 10, also tried with past windows versions 7,8 vista, XP
Any input on this? fix