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I was just curious what everyone else thinks of these mics, just generally speaking.  I for one have fallen in love with mine, especcially considering I payed less that half of retail for them.  The one thing they lack, IMHO, is presence as one gets farther from the source.  Anyway, just curious!


I ran the MBHO's for about 15 shows. I used the 603 body with the KA200 cardiod cap.

For the money the MBHO is an excellent mic, especially since they are modular and can also use active cables.

I found that their biggest strength is their crystal clear highs. My biggest problem with them is the lack of a phat, smooth low end. I also agree that they lack presence the farther away you get from the source, and I also found the soundstage to collapse at high SLP's.

If you like a really bright mic with an excellent high end then the MBHO's are the way to go.

I upgraded looking for a phatter low end, but they are a nice mic for the money

Thanks, anyone else?  I love the mbho combined with the sax, really makes those highs sing even more!  I played with some 140's at moe in philly, and did like the nice bass in em!  What do you all think about gefells?  Come on, anyone?  


I went to schoeps after the MBHO's. I also know the Geffells are excellent mics that are liked my many.

I know that I am totally biased, but I simply love my Gefells.  There is not another mic in their price range that even compares.  I like guitar-oriented music and the Gefells excel in this area; it makes guitars sound like they are literally coming out of the speakers.  Their spatial imaging is second to none of any mic.  The only downside is a slightly heavy low end.  Not boomy or pronounced, but like a weight that anchors the sound.  They have the best midrange of any mic in its class (dpas are better, but cost twice as much) and that is what I care about the most.

I am not the biggest fan of the MBHOs for many of the reasons that creekfreak mentioned.  Their biggest downside is the soundstage collapse at high SPLs.  Very squashed and closed-sounding.  I have heard that they are great for classical music, but I really don't listen to that.


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