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I'm new, check out my rig!

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Sean Gallemore:
Hey this is my first post
I'm really excited to finally find a place where people can talk openly about recording and not get blank stares for doing so.  
I love my rig too! I got a Sony ECM-MS907 going into a MD Sharp MT770.  I know you guys prolly don't like the condenser mics too much, and you DAT heads think I'm inferior or something, but you should listen to my last Tool OWNS!
Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
BTW, I'm looking to upgrade my mic, what do you guys suggest?
thanx ;)

hey schwilly,

welcome to the world of Taping.  your wallet will never be the same!  

as to a mic upgrade, i'd check out the Audio Technica AT-825.  very nice sounding for the price.  i would advise this mic over it's slightly wimpier cousin, the AT-822.  

another option would be the AKG C-1000s if you want an actual pair of mics to try some stereo technics, etc.  many also dig the Octava MC-012s as well.

happy taping.  

oh, and and you should get ahold of Zhianosatch on this list.  he is another Tool 'TOOL' hehe...  ;)

EDIT:  Bri's right.  never thought you might be wanting something stealthable.  (was judging by what you had now, i guess).  that info would be helpful.  also where you see your rig going in 1-2 years.



glad to have you here and glad you have an interest in live taping! We like condenser mics here! Thank you for stopping by. You said you are looking for a new mic, but we need to know what you will be taping. Stealth i assume? Bands?


Brian Skalinder:
In addition to the questions asked so far (what bands, open/stealth):

What's your budget for the new mic?

Do you plan on building a full compliment of gear - preamp, ADC, etc., - sticking with a small setup?

Sean Gallemore:
Thanx for being kind dihds (dihd = stoner version of dude)
I'm looking to go stealth, and eventually get to the AD converter stage.
The only problem I don't have the convienence of open taping policies most of the time.  Everything I do has to be small and stealth, so once I get up to a preamp and ADC, getting into shows will be a trick.
My range is around $400-$600 right now.
I don't want CSBs, cuz too many tapers that tape similar shat use them ie: zhian, however I'm not sure.  I really like my cardiod (MS907) and I know you all gawk at that, but I don't know about stealth cards too much.
I see that a lot of people around here spuck Phish shows, but I'm more into harder rock :-[ like Tool, so I know zhian ;)
Thanx again!


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