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I'm new, check out my rig!

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it's all about the DPA 4060 series mics for Primo stealth!  nothing else even compares!

get ahold of Scott Brown on this list and i'm sure he'll help you's out...very nice guy.  much experience...

peace you 'Tools'... :-*


you can find the 4060 series used for 500.00 clams for a pair.
just gotta know where to look.  def for 600.00...

dude, just look on E-bay...  ;)

Brian Skalinder:
For stealth, I agree - the DPA 406x are fantastic, and can be found used.  Check E-bay, there are theater companies and the like dumping these things off at pretty low prices.  Ought to fit your budget if you can be a little patient and focus an eye on E-bay over a stretch of time.

As for using CSBs to tape "inside the stack," this method definitely pulls the best tapes with these mics.  CSBs are really boomy mics and standing like 10-15 feet away from the stacks allows you to get the most direct sound without the room ambience boominess.

The rooms that bands like Tool play are large, cavernous arenas and are not designed for sound.  As a result, there is a natural boom to the sound in the room, compounded by Tool's exceptionally loud lower frequencies.

>> Never heard any boots done with the 4060s, only the 61s. And that's precisely what IIII am in the market for....
P.S. Why the 60s? Or, better yet, why the 61s?<<

4060s and 4061s are the same mics, just different sensitivity

and why?  they're the size of a pencil eraser.  if you get caught stealthing them you're doing something wrong :)

great if you'll be stealthing up close, farther back you may want something different, as they're omnis.  though i did make a pretty nice u2 tape from halfway back at msg with them in '01...4061 > dpa mps6010 power supply > mp2 > d8


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