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Author Topic: Advice on DPA 4061  (Read 18002 times)

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Re: Advice on DPA 4061
« Reply #75 on: July 15, 2020, 06:16:41 PM »
^ Whew! That's no joke.  +T (& more in 24 as we used to say)

Q- "I never joke about my work, 007" (dig the irony of the high-tech beeping 100mi range homing locator installed in the dash of the Aston Martin immediately underneath it's archaic manual fuel-enrichment/choke-lever)

I've worn my setup all day for days in similar brutal conditions, sometimes compounded with biking in and lots of walking and moving between stages, but at least had regular respite from the sun/heat/rain in between acts with access to water and restrooms.   It takes a toll on gear for sure.  Have needed to clean/fix/rebuild the setup afterwards many times, in addition to a yearly overhaul/reconstruction.

musical volition > vibrations > voltages > numeric values > voltages > vibrations> virtual teleportation time-machine experience
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