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Interesting idea, but it may work better in theory than in practice. For example, when does a product "time out" of the list? The R-09 used to be THE small recorder of choice here. At some point, the M10 assumed that role. Now, neither are produced and there are other (better) options. Or consider votes for a product. Not all votes are created equal; someone that has only used a single pre-amp, for example, has much less insight than someone that has gone through ten. That is probably exacerbated by the "fluffer factor", where people feel the need to support the products they chose personally. On top of those kinds of issues, people tape different things, have different personal preferences and peeves, and like different sonic characteristics (think the old "muddy Schoeps" or "clinical DPA" posts). There are also lots of great products out there that haven't been used extensively by the members here, but that doesn't mean they aren't worthy of consideration.

yeah the "flavors" cloud it a bit

perhaps we could be more pragmatic about it. like for example, just acknowledge that schoeps and DPA have different sounds, and point people to a resource where they can hear different sources, but then break down the practical differences of each, for example

cost and availability: in the full-size SDC realm, schoeps is preferred as the capsules themselves are cheaper, and much more common on the used market

operationally: DPA are easier to power due to the permanently polarized capsules

size/stealthability: DPA are smaller as a package both at the capsule end and also smaller on the electronics end (could be a d:vice, or a CA9100, or a Coresound HEB, etc), due to no need for complex high-voltage power supplies

flexibility: the microdot setup used by the DPAs allows you to sub in 406x/606x series for the prison search gigs.

those are all pragmatic decisions that go beyond the flavors of the capsules themselves

as far as recorders, sound quality has really converged in the last few years its almost more about feature set. Any handheld can get you close to 95-100dB dynamic range with a hot signal. though some take hotter signals than others, some have better gain ranges, absence of 'zipper' volume steps, etc.

How about approaching this from a different angle.  Compile links to past posts/threads that are particularly informative about things specific to concert taping.  Armed with that knowledge, someone can be in a better position to assess the choices out there and decide what is the best fit for them.  This is particularly so where some of those topics may seem counter intuitive at first, or aren't common knowledge.  Teach a man to fish, and all that...

Potential topics could include discussions about: how much of the reverberant sound is actually picked up, even by directional pattern mics (I know DSatz, for one, has discussed this); the importance of a mic's off-axis response; relationships between mic spacing and polar pattern; etc.

Certainly these topics can get complicated and technical, but there's so much good information on this forum that I believe it's all there for the finding.  Putting something cohesive together would be a challenge but in the long run it may be more useful than a gear popularity contest (I use that term not to dismiss your idea, but just for the fun of it).

Bumping this because I think it’s a tremendous idea. When I started out a few years back I felt overwhelmed with all the information. There’s a “start here” forum post which is like 10 years outdated and not particularly useful. I could see other individuals being turned off from starting down the rabbit hole. As the taping community gets older and more of us retire we should be doing what we can to recruit new members.

I think a general post about signal chain components would be a helpful starting point (particularly when it comes to active cables and other more taper niche gear that doesn’t have any other documentation on the web). Within that section beyond the basic introduction we could link to relevant threads which would elaborate as well as point newcomers in the direction of pre-existing threads for any questions they may have.


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