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Austrian Audio CC8 - SDC Cards

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Says they are modeled after the CK1 capsule. Best SDC capsule AKG ever made.

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I hope this is a misprint I just found. Glad I didnt pull the trigger if it isnt.
The CC8 features Austrian Audio’s OCC7 condenser capsule, which has been inspired by the Avantone CK1. According to the Vienna-based brand, the newly developed capsule “delivers all the benefits of that classic design updated to meet the demands of today.”

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Pretty sure the guys from AKG would have modeled it after the AKG CK1. If that was from a third party review the writer probably doesn't know what the heck they are talking about.

Its definitely modeled after the AKG's . 3rd party review has no idea what they're talking about.

If these have the AKG sound and fit on actives, I'll likely buy their hypers.


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Ted probably already has these or on the way...  I'm interested in hearing them!

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too bad they didn't design them with modular capsules

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The pictures on Vintage King look like the capsule is threaded and removable, but there's a cap cover that needs to be removed. Wish I didnt open this thread. :facepalm:

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If they do wind up manufacturing a hyper and an omni SDC version I wonder if the "protective cap" that is protecting the capsule will be vented differently for each option?  Will they just sell capsules without the bodies?

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I would think the mesh screened cap would be the same for all, but the actual capsule would have cuts based on the ck2, ck3, etc.

Here's a short video from their page - I missed it initially:


In that video there's a screw to hold the mesh cap cover and another one to hold the actual capsule (which looks exactly like the housing of the CK1 cap) onto the preamp. DOesn't show any threads at all.

It's a possibility - and I'm purely speculating here - that the screw that holds the capsule cover in place also provides the ground for the circuit. Other mics have the ground to the body at the capsule.


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