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Quality alternative to Manfrotto Nano Clamps?

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Does anyone know of a *quality* alternative to Manfrotto's Nano Clamp (386B)?

I'm working on making my rig smaller/lighter, so I have started taking my one Nano Clamp instead of one of the heavy Mafer Clamps (Manf 035) I usually carry, but I'd like to replace the rest of my big clamps too. I also have some SmallRig mini clamps, but they don't feel as solid as Manfrotto's. Someone must make a baby clamp for <$40...

I haven't tried one of these ( Impact Atom clamp ME-100 ) but they appear to be a Nano clone for 1/2 the price (at B&H), has anyone used one?

^^Nice find. It looks like they may have a better rubber pad inside the jaws compared to Manfrotto---my Manfrotto one has a very thin rubber pad that still lets the clamp scratch stuff---had to be 'improved' with gaffer's tape.

voltronic: makes the best clamps I have ever seen. I own the Savior Clamp With Stud.

For a Nano alternative, you might try the Savior Mini.


I picked up one of these not long ago. Tiny and lightweight - nothing fancy but it sure is cheap.


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