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Quality alternative to Manfrotto Nano Clamps?

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^ And surprisingly compact and strong, too. There are a number a variations sold on amazon/ebay. Mine's been a great addition to the rowi and manfrotto suite.   

While I dont have a rowi  I second the amazon ebay   style mini clamp  Goodcooker linked to.  In fact  I like mine better than my Windtech clamps used for similar purposes. 


Those Amazon clamps are knock offs of the Smallrig mini clamps that OP mentioned he doesn't find robust enough. I use them and I like them but that's why I didn't suggest them. To each their own.

I say again, if you want robust get the clamps I linked. They are totally solid; more so than Manfrotto.

To OP: I feel very strongly that clamps are one area where you do not want to save money buying a cheap clone. Consider that you are trusting this clamp to securely hold what is usually the most expensive part of your rig, your mics. There may be additional stresses placed on the mic if using an extension arm. Cheapie clamps may be made with lower-quality parts that are much more likely to fail.

Would you rather pay a little bit more for a high-quality clamp, or replace your mics after they come crashing down?


I would only use a little clamp like this to hold my active setup which maybe weighs 8 ounces.

If I was hanging an extension arm or clamping out over a balcony rail I would use a superclamp and safety cable. Like a lot of people I prefer to clamp onto the top tube of my (or others) stand instead of use the top threads. These little clamps are perfect for that.


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