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squeaky / mosquito sound on channel

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Nosmo King:
Any chance you have a somewhat longer sample, preferably one between songs so there's no music to mask the noise?


Record something at home and reproduce it?  Swap caps and right/left cables one at a time with headphones on to check for issues.  Check all batteries with a volt meter after recharging.  Ed

Just came from a show. Problem seems to be fixed. No more squeaky sound:) I think it was the 9v battery.

Glad the issue is fixed!!!

I'd STILL try to recreate the problem at home if i were you though! You don't want it to happen again, especially if it can be prevented ;)

One Cylinder:
And at the cost of a single 9v battery. Would be great if all high end gear issues could be remedied for under 5 bux!   :bigsmile:   

--- Quote from: F.O.Bean on December 03, 2021, 07:33:00 PM ---Glad the issue is fixed!!!

--- End quote ---


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