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First thing, I have been a Schoeps owner since 1997.  I have run everything from the CMC5's to the Elvo tubes, from MK21's to Mk41's and both of the orginal Schoeps VMS boxes.  The quality is there and I see it and hear it everytime I go out and tape!  If you want some tapes shoot Brian or I and e-mail and I will be happy to oblige you.

Next, I am in Israel now and so since I am not too far from Germany I went ahead and gave Bernhard over at Schoeps a call.  He assures me what I have known all along..."Schoeps quality control is the best in the business!"  Everything coming out of this company is solid!  End of story.

I don't mind you criticizing Schoeps tapes that you hear and don't like, but I do mind when you make unsubstanciated accusations about a company.  That is called lible!

I'm out....

A responce letter from Scott Boland regarding this post.


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<< You guys have any input for this discussion? Just thought I'd ask! >>

I went to the newsgroup URL and read the messages pertaining to Schoeps and  the U.S. Microphone Sets.  I would wager that the dealer (or dealers) who made the claim about the "lower quality U.S. Sets" is not an authorized Schoeps U.S. Dealer.  To get real facts, you can find the complete list of Authorized U.S. Schoeps Dealers at, click on "Schoeps
Dealers".  You (or any enduser) are always welcome to call us for information (203) 270.1808, that's what we are here for.  

To be clear; there are not two different lines of Schoeps products.  The U.S. Sets were conceived as a way to offer customers our most popular mics and accessories at a cost savings through Authorized U.S. Schoeps Dealers.  U.S. Sets utilize the same CMC Series Amplifiers and Colette Series Capsules as always.  Below is a copy of the press release which went out when the U.S. Sets were introduced last April:

Redding Audio, Inc., in cooperation with Schalltechnik Schoeps GmbH, is pleased to introduce a new series of U.S. Edition Microphone Sets.  

Available only in the U.S. through authorized Schoeps dealers the sets comprise our most popular amplifier and capsule combinations with accessories in a custom wooden case and offer additional cost savings to Schoeps' customers.

The initial offering includes four single microphone sets.  These sets
include a CMC6 Amplifier with capsule, an SG20 Stand Clamp and B5 Foam Popscreen. Options include an A20/A20S Elastic Suspension and a B5D Hollow Foam Popscreen.  

Sets destined for the studio and high-end location music recording include the CMC64 with MK4 Cardioid Capsule, CMC65 with MK5 Omni/Cardioid Capsule and the CMC641 with MK41 Supercardioid Capsule.  The CMC641C adds a CUT 1 Filter to a CMC641 making it an excellent choice and complete package for booming overhead dialog in production sound applications.

U.S. Edition Stereo Sets offer six different configurations; for coincident, near coincident and A/B arrays the sets feature two sequential serial numbered CMC6 Amplifiers, a pair of capsules factory matched for frequency response and sensitivity, two A20 Suspensions and two B5 or optional B5D Popscreens.  Stereo Set capsule pairs include the MK2S Omni, MK21
Subcardioid, MK4 Cardioid, MK41 Supercardioid and MK5 Omni/Cardioid.

The Mid-Side Stereo Set offers two sequential serial numbered CMC6 Amplifiers,  an  MK4  Cardioid Capsule, an MK8 Bidirectional Capsule, an  AMS 22 Elastic Suspension and a WMS Foam Windscreen.

Whether it's music recording, broadcast, live sound, or dialog for film and video production Schoeps has got you covered with the most comprehensive line of microphones and microphone accessories available anywhere.  Hear the truth for yourself.  Audition a Schoeps U.S. Edition Microphone Set at your
authorized Schoeps dealer today.

If you need additional information, please call and speak with our Schoeps Product Manager, Scott Boland (203) xxx.xxxx.

Sincerely, Buzz Turner
President Redding Audio, Inc.

Redding Audio, Inc.  97 South Main Street  Unit 10  Newtown, CT 06470
Phone: (203) 270.1808  Fax: (203) 270. 2934  Web:
Exclusive U.S. distributor of Rycote Windshields and Schoeps Microphones


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