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Author Topic: diy or 3rd party fur/dead cat slip ons that fit over the top of schoeps bd5  (Read 1444 times)

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hey now,

years ago i picked up some fur slip ons that fit over top of a schoeps bd5 windscreen. i'm aware of the movo, rycote, etc. products out there, and definitely don't mind buying something, but am on a time crunch, and would prefer to purchase something known to fit/work, rather than invent/create....

i am unsure of the various slip on covers i've come across online perusing...easy to look up schoeps dimensions, 3" long, 20mm diameter, but i am curious if anyone knows the exact dimensions needed to fit on top of the bd5, or has a link to a product recommendation (or has a pair they don't want and will part with).....

mics: schoeps mk4v, mk41v (matched), mk22 (matched) , mk41 (matched), mk22 (not part of matched pair)/MK8 (mid/side); neumann u89i, neumann km150

preamps: aeta psp3, schoeps vms02ib, vms5u x 2, sonosax sx-m2, sx-m2d2;

recorders: sound devices: mixpre 6ii, mixpre 10ii; sony: d7 & d8, tascam da-30mkii

mic bodies: schoeps cmc1L x 4,  neumann km100

actives/specialty cables: ak2Lsu x 14, aksu2ta3 x 6,  aksu2u x 8, 5m nbobs actives (schoeps version), kcy x 2, k5s (5pin stereo) x 10 @ 5m; custom 5 pin 9’, 16’, 12’ (x2), k5Lsu (x 6), nbobs actives (schoeps), custom km100 actives


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