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Re-terminating DPA connectors et al.


My question/s will probably expose my ignorance of all things technical: if one needs his or her DPA mics re-terminated, is sending them to DPA in Longmont your only option?  Or is that something where you can find a local shop to do it?  Basically, I have no idea how proprietary such a job would be or if one-size-fits-all, so to speak.  Additionally, approximately how much does re-termination cost?

Some more context, if it helps: I'm contemplating options for new mics; a high-volume taper friend of mine uses DPA 4660s with triple reinforced cables and mentioned to me that he's had to re-terminate his DPA mics three or four times in the past few years.  I assume this isn't unique to DPA and is more an issue of the environment and the frequency he uses them.  But, again, I don't know the tech. 

And one last question (for now): does the connector type (i.e., microdot, XLR, etc.) impact how often or if one needs to re-terminate?  My current preamp is a Church CA 9100 that has microdot inputs.  Since I'm in the market for new mics, I wonder if I should be thinking about a different connector type.

Thank you!

worth it to send it to longmont as they will test and evaluate it before they reterminate, last time ichecked it was $50 for a new microdot

its surprising your friend has reterminated his dpas 3 times and hasnt had a failure at the mic end of the cable... which is irrepairable


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