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Gear bag/transporting everything?

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I was wondering what some of you guys use to protect and transport your gear to and from shows. I'm sort of trying to fit everything into a backpack (which I have). Using a zoom F8, Nakamichi CM-300s including the shotgun capsules, which are the biggest challenge for me to figure out how to transport. I'm looking at this Amazon case AmazonBasics Hard Camera Case - Small to house the recorder and possibly the mics, and thinking of just making a couple PVC tubes to protect the CP-4 shotgun caps. Any better ideas anyone has used? Was also considering just getting a couple zipper pouches to carry the mics along this cables, mounts, other capsules, batteries, etc.

I have a friend that uses poster tube to transport the CP4 caps!!  Cheap, water proof, and durable.

I have been using this one for almost a year and am quite satified:

I use a Mountainsmith hip bag (basically a fanny pack on steroids) most of the time. When I'm carrying more I've started using this:

The poster tube is the way to go to transport the shotgun capsules

A lot of people like this Amazon Basics camera bag

I use a couple different bags -

a Petrol Pegz2 - it's discontinued but the medium version of this one is pretty much the same -

a Canon DSLR bag - it's just like the Amazon Basics bag above just more expensive

A Lowepro giant ass bag - not sure what the model is but it holds my four channel audio rig, two preamps, batteries, cables and my Nikon DSLR. It's old, but it's basically an older version of this one


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