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AmpTORRENT rechargeable lithium AA batteries w/ extra voltage & microprocessor


Just saw this in an email from a trail camera vendor. Sounds like it could be useful for field recording. Has anyone heard of these or tried them?

--- Quote ---We believe we have found the best rechargeable AA battery for trail cameras. Keep reading to save money.
After several months of testing, we are confident that the AmpTORRENT Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries are the best solution to the rising cost of Lithium batteries. If you have shopped for Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries recently, you know that the cost has skyrocketed 2 or 3 times from just a few years ago.
Why are we so confident?
Each battery charges up to 3.7 volts. This is more than you would normally want from a AA, but every single battery has a micro-processor that regulates the voltage down to a consistent and reliable 1.5 volts.
Having the extra voltage "in the bank" is how it keeps the voltage consistent and long-lasting.
These batteries are rated at 1,200 recharges before needing to be recycled. For most people, you recoup the cost after 2 or 3 charges when compared to non-rechargeable Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries.
On top of that, how many batteries did we keep out of the landfill during that time?
No need to buy a charger, each 4-pack comes with a USB cable that can charge 4 batteries at once. The cable plugs directly into the batteries and only takes 2 hours. The same micro-processor that controls the discharge also "smart charges" the batteries - improving overall longevity.
How long will these batteries last in the field?
Compared to Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, which have been the industry standard for a decade, these batteries will last about 67% as long before needing to be recharged. So, if you've been getting 10 months of battery life with Lithiums, expect 6.7 months with these.
Long story short, we have fallen in love with these batteries. Unlike past rechargeable batteries, these are compatible with every trail camera - including cellular trail cameras.
We really believe these are a no-brainer going forward. If you are looking to save money, keep batteries out of landfills, and continue getting high-performance from your trail cameras; these are our #1 choice.

AmpTORRENT Lithium Batteries

As always, thanks for reading and we encourage you to reach out with any questions!
- Nick
P.S. We are not able to ship these batteries internationally.
--- End quote ---

Product info page at

I've seen ads pop up for these on Facebook, looks like a decent deal. I don't need more right now, but I'll probably go with these when the time comes.

Has anyone tried these batteries?

I’d be hesitant to use these due to all the electronics inside the “cells”

Also many of the similar batteries on Amazon have reviews noting how noisy these types of batteries are

Even EBL batteries w/o internal usb charging gets knocked for noise

Probably the best option for rechargeable lithium ion/poly AA batteries is iPowerMax even if the cost more

They are designed for pro film/video/audio applications


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