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Author Topic: Thorens TD 850 Hot Rod $1400  (Read 1569 times)

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Thorens TD 850 Hot Rod $1400
« on: January 13, 2020, 10:46:50 AM »
Hot Rod Thorens TD850 $1400.00 without cartridge. $1800.00 with cartridge.

This isn't your standard TD850. Several mods were added to an already fabulous table to take it to the highest level.

1) Origin Live motor: Measures out to .03 wow and flutter.
2) Origin Live Belt: Holds the speed dead steady.
3) Carbon fiber motor board.
4) Carbon fiber arm board.
5) Carbon fiber platter mat.
6) Thorens record weight.
7) Rega RB 300.
8) Carbon fiber spike pads.

The buyer has the option to purchase the table with a Denon dl103S. This is a very special Denon 103. It has a Shibata tip, Baron cantilever and snake wood body. It has roughly 35 hours on it.

This table also comes with a $350.00 show case dustcover.

These tables were built by Acoustic Signature. The TD850 had two different production runs. The difference between the runs lies in the spindle, bearing and bearing well. This table is from the higher quality run and has a beefier spindle, bearing well and better bearing.

This table uses mass loading as a way to mitigate airborne and mechanic vibrations and weighs in at over 50lb. The over all condition is very good. The carbon mat has a minor surface scratch, which can only be seen upon close inspection and in the light. The dust cover has minor swirls from cleaning.

This is a great table and has been my personal reference for the past 5 years. Truly an "end of days" table.

Purchaser pays for shipping and paypal fees.

Will consider a trade for a excellent condition pair of Klipsch Cornwall or La Scala speakers.

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Re: Thorens TD 850 Hot Rod $1400
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 01:17:42 PM »
I'm curious about something if you'll indulge me.  It seems like you often hot rod up Thorens turntables.  I don't know much at all about turntables so I'm curious is there something in particular you like about the Thorens models?
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Re: Thorens TD 850 Hot Rod $1400
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2020, 10:21:06 PM »
I’ve done several AR’s a few VPI’s, and an assortment of others. Although Thorens TD 150 were a perfect model to Hot Rod before everyone jumped in a jacked up the prices on the used market. The TD850 here was a fantastic design from Acoustic Signature after Thorens came back to the turntable  business. It was their SOTA model. It served as my reference for about 4 or 5 years, although the motor controller here is brand new, as I transferred the old one to my own design and new reference table. If not for this I would be spinning this table for years to come.


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