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Any reason why rechargeable AA's would all of a sudden stop working in a device that they used to work flawlessly in? Alkaline's still work. No menu on this device so no way to select battery type. It's a self powered monitor that also can run on AA's.

Do you know the age of them? I have had some refuse to work after 8-10 years. My charger will give me some rudimentary health signs, but I did have a 9V that died suddenly (after a long period of storage).

Only a couple years old. Panasonic Eneloop and I have many. Also tested every one of them. They all have a full charge and work fine in other devices.

In that case, focus on the device. Are the device's battery contacts pushed down and/or weakened? I have brought back a few devices with intermittent power by gently bending the contacts outward toward the battery such that the battery can barely move once inserted.

Everything is as new. Plus alkalines and lithiums work. Just/doesn't like rechargeables anymore.  The monitor takes 8 AA's.


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