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Author Topic: 9.Solutions Savior Clamp With 5/8" Socket - A Review  (Read 990 times)

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9.Solutions Savior Clamp With 5/8" Socket - A Review
« on: February 15, 2020, 02:57:48 PM »
Like many others here, I have used the dependable Manfrotto Super Clamp for years.  There are, however, some applications where it does not perform as well as I would like.  One is clamping onto a short, flat protrusion of only an inch or so.  The pivoting jaw of the clamp is only holding on with a few mm of surface area to start with.  If the top surface doesn't have much to hold either, you are living dangerously.  The other is clamping onto chair arms that have very smooth finishes.  The hard rubber clamping surface is not very compliant, and is prone to lateral slippage even when very tight.  Those two situations sent me on the search for a better alternative.

I believe I have found the perfect clamp for our applications:

9.Solutions Savior Clamp With 5/8" Socket (Manufacturer Page)

I purchased this item from B&H.
(Note that the Savior is available in multiple versions, including 5/8" stud, 5/8" socket, no 5/8" attachments, and mini version.  I purchased the Socket version for the greatest versatility with the hardware I already own.)

My thoughts after a few weeks of use:

The best feature of this clamp is the articulating jaws.  This is the main thing that drove my purchase decision.  I cannot overstate how beautifully designed this aspect is.  The jaws are attached with two pins each to the main frame.  The pins near the tip are the pivot point; the ones closer to the inside can move through slots in each jaw.  This, along with the alternating flat and curved gripping surfaces, allow the clamp to automatically adjust to any type of flat or round surface.  It is hard to envison until you see it, so I encourage you to watch the video on the manufacturer page. 

I tried the "narrow flat protrusion" situation described above.  The Savior passed that test with flying colors.  Even with just 1/4" to hold onto, it gripped tenaciously.  The lateral slipping issue was also completely solved, as a test on an old Formica-topped desk proved.

I tried the clamp in every orientation and on every kind of round and flat stock I had available.  I attached all of my 5/8" hardware, and put my extension pole at full mast with heavy items on the end.  My overall impression was that the Savior does everything my Super Clamp does, but one notch better.

Other Pros:

- The Savior is rated for nearly double the load capacity as the Manfrotto Super Clamp.  While I did not test this, I can say that it holds tighter than anything I have tried before.  Even with a pole a full extension, this thing absolutely inspires confidence.
- Each of the jaws has a 1/4"-20 and a 3/8"-16 female threaded socket, allowing multiple other items to be attached.  (Note that you can purchase a Savior clamp without a 5/8" socket if those threaded attachments are all you need.)
- The retention system for the 5/8" socket is very clever. The very large spring-loaded pin has the tightening lug drilled right through it.
- The overall fit and finish are very high.  The entire construction appears to be aluminum and steel, with the exception of the Polysorb thrust washer.
- It weighs about the same as the Super Clamp.


- When the jaws are open and not clamped to anything, there is a small amount of lateral play where the connecting pins attach the jaws to the frame, and also at the main frame hinge.  In practice, it is not really an issue.  One you clamp it down, this disappears, but I would have liked some narrow bushings used in all the connections to reduce this.
- The tightening lever has significant drag even when not under load.  This means it takes longer to open and close the clamp; i.e. you cannot just spin one finger around the lever quickly like you can with other clamps.  Some might prefer this, but you do need just a bit more patience if setting up in a hurry.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the 9.Solutions Savior Clamp.  For anyone getting into clamp rigs, I enthusiastically recommend it.  It costs slightly more than Manfrotto Super Clamp, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.  I also encourage users looking into the Matthelini / Cardellini clamps to give this one a look, as it is less expensive than those options and may meet your needs.

One final note that 9.Solutions makes a variety of clamps, including the Barracuda which is closest in design to the traditional Super Clamp.
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Re: 9.Solutions Savior Clamp With 5/8" Socket - A Review
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2020, 01:33:34 AM »
Nice find. Thank you for the report.

This clamp is also nicely anthropomorphic (or dinosaur-o-morphic) when viewed from the side.
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Re: 9.Solutions Savior Clamp With 5/8" Socket - A Review
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2020, 02:37:02 AM »
seems that weight on the 5/8 socket version is right there with superclamp (~1lb)
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