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Archive Cleanup & Broken Links-Please Read


Due to the relocation of the server, many of the redirection links (links to other threads) contained in the archive are broken.  to use the links, do not click on them, do the following:

copy the link
paste it into your browser address bar
delete "yabbse/" after
hit enter

the link should then work.  we will work out the problems with the broken links shortly.  thanks.

EDIT: I've now cleaned up all the links that I could find in the archive section that link to other threads.  i didn't check them all to make sure they are still valid, but they should work.  If you have any problems with broken links, please post a link to the thread in this thread and I'll try to fix them.  this includes external links.  if you come across broken external links, post it here and I'll see if i can track down an alternate source for the information.  I did notice a few missing pictures and stuff and will try to fix those as well.  thanks for your help and understanding!

Another EDIT: I also deleted all the redirection links for crap that was improperly posted in the archive section to reduce clutter.


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