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Author Topic: Optical cable options  (Read 12601 times)

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Optical cable options
« on: December 17, 2003, 11:27:41 AM »
Edit:  Here's an alternate (cheaper) source for the integrated right-angle toslink / mini optical cable (same as the Sound Pros cable).

FWIW, in addition to the Sound Pros SP-TMOC-RA toslink right-angle to mini right-angle cable, I also picked up from CablesAmerica (now called) ConnectXpress (the obsessive side of me insists I have 2 cables in case one fails.):

1m Sonicwave Glass Optical ($24.91, compare v. $50 Sound Pros SP-TOC-99HQ)

Looks like ConnectXpress (previously CablesAmerica) doesn't carry the Sonicwave Glass Optical cable anymore, though they do have similar Sonicwave optical cables - but no longer at a heavily discounted price relative to others.  FWIW, I use exclusively my Sound Pros SP-TMOC-RA cable so I don't have to mess with adapters.  The exact same right-angle toslink/mini cable is available at MCM for over 50% less than Sound Pros.


Velocity toslink to toslink right angle adapter ($2.22, compare v. $5 Sound Pros SP-TOC-90)
Velocity toslink to mini right angle adapter ($2.22, compare v. $5 Sound Pros SP-MINI-90)
(similar also available at Radio Shack)

I'll probably still use the Sound Pros SP-TMOC-RA toslink right-angle to mini right-angle all-in-one cable so I don't have to mess with the adapters.  But damn, for the same price the one from CA sure looks a helluva lot more robust.  Just no right-angles built-in.

Please note:  some people have experienced problems with right-angle adapters.  Others have not.  No clear indication of when / why / which cables and/or adapters.  IMO, best bet is to use an integrated right-angle cable.

Other TS-member recommended cables from highest priced to lowest:

Phoenix Gold 3.25' $26.15

Acoustic Research Pro II 3' Cable $24.85

Dayton Digital Optical Cable 1.5' $6.90(and what I own now)

Other cables recommended include Monster, Radio Shack (re-branded Monster?), Acoustic Research.  Here's the original thread.  There're also gobs of recommendations over on the Cable Forum at Audio Asylum, but most are in the $50+ price range.
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Re: Optical cable options
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2006, 05:43:31 PM »
From ConnectXpress website:
Important Notice

Effective December 30, 2005 ConnextXpress will cease operations.

All orders place through December 30, 2005 will be shipped and Lastar, ConnectXpress' parent company, will honor the warranties provided on all items sold through ConnectXpress.

We appreciate the opportunity to have served you over the years.

For a list of recommended suppliers to fulfill your future connectivity needs, please see the list below.

Team Kansasouri, Southern Office
Team Texas


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