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Author Topic: 7-pin cables available  (Read 19187 times)

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7-pin cables available
« on: April 29, 2003, 04:59:07 PM »
Sony  (

POC-DA12P   |  7 pin -> standard optical I/O.
POC-DA12MP  |  7 pin -> miniplug optical I/O.
POC-DA12SP  |  7 pin -> standard output & miniplug input optical I/O.
RK-DA10P    |  7 pin -> coax input only.

Important note from the Oade Bros archives: Sony digi cables compatible with the D100/M1 are POC-DA12P, POC-DA12MP, POC-DA12SP, and RK-DA10P. You cannot use the following: POC-DA12,POC-DA12M, POC-DA12S or RK-DA10. These require 5 volts to operate properly and the D100/M1 only supplies 3.5 volts. There is also a question of damage to the driver IC's and the 3.5 volt regulator that supplies the power for adapters. We have seen many D3/7/8's 5 volt regulators shorted by the use of homemade, unshielded 7 pin cables, when the pins get bent. The same may happen to the D100/M1 , due to excessive current draw.

Oade Brothers  (

7-pin to Coax Digital I/O-P
Passive 7-pin to coax in and out cable.  There's a reason this Oade Bros digi cable is so popular!  Sturdy and Sony 7-pin head won't damage your female 7-pins.

7-pin to Coax Digital I/O-A
Active 7-pin to coax in/out cable.  There's a reason this Oade Bros digi cable is so popular!  These cables are very solid.  Sturdy and Sony 7-pin head won't damage your female 7-pin slots.  Short and stubby with female RCA in/out connectors.

Pro Digital  (

7-pin to Coax Passive Cable
Like the Oade's uses a Sony 7-pin head to ensure sturdy, quality connections with your female 7-pin.  Long cable with male RCA in/out connectors.

Core Sound  (

7-pin to Coax Passive Cable
I've seen a fair amount of rants about these passive 7-pin to coax in/out cables, but don't have any firsthand experience.  Just looking at the cables makes me apprehensive about using one, though.  The 7-pin heads are definitely not Sony standard:  the pins are longer and thicker and have no "hood" to stabilize the connection or protect the pins from bending.  These non-standard pins without housing are known to cause problems in female 7-pins over time.
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