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yeah, i did, bro, thanks!  

me and my taping partner got shot down in flames, but the other half of Team Wisco sucked it up and saved the day!  shoot me an addy, and i'll send you the discs.  

was a good trip.  only downers being:

1)  the w00ks pulling fire alarms all night in the Hotels.  
2)  coming down with a wicked ass Flu bug in Cincy before the show on Sat.  

blech!  sick as a dog.  still went to the show.  sucked down 4 beers to try and convince my body i was feeling a lil 'off' due to alcohol, not disease!  werked for the most part.  got through it.  good times.  good memories.  was definately the 'sickest' show i have ever seen, i'll tell ya that!  ;)

now if i could just get rid of this damn bug!  FUCK!  i hate being sick!  hehe...  

I am glad you guys had fun...who got busted ;)  I will pm you my address.  Damn you guys, used my tickets and saw the best show ever, fuckers!


actually, all three shows we saw had their highlights.  my favorite of the run was first night Cincy.  really tight jamming, and the wife called the vaccum!  haha!  no shit!  ;)

Nick's Picks:
the only reason to head the laptop route is if you are going to go die-hard 24bit.  (IMO)
I tell you what, that there 24bit clarity is addictive.

If you are still going to be 16bit recording then the JB3 is mighty attractive, cheaper and less hassle.


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